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Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

The summer holiday season is now coming to an end, and most of us are back at work, with a full schedule and events lined up throughout the remainder of the year 2017.

Over the next couple of months, we will see various events related to our national elections, as it’s usually the case in pre-election times. It will be interesting to see whether these events will help building a momentum and more excitement about the elections, as we cannot really sense any of that quite yet. After the elections, it will be important to monitor how the new balance of power will affect the topics relevant to our industry. Bearing that in mind, we have to be well-positioned for the challenges to come.

In this respect, but also for networking purposes in general, our next Management Conference, taking place in Bregenz and Lindau, starting September 16, 2017, will present a great opportunity to connect. Hence, anybody who may not have signed up yet, here is your friendly reminder to do so.

Meanwhile, the overall situation in the world seems to continue raising concerns, and is very unpredictable. One of the main reasons here, are those erratic messages from the United States, making us feel perplexed and almost helpless. Unfortunately, it does not look like a significant change is on its way, so we can only hope that escalations do not accidently lead to disasters.

Taking a closer look at the players involved, I have very little hope for them becoming more thoughtful. To quote Confucius: “Only the wisest and the most stupid may not change”. Chances are pretty slim with the current scenario. On the other hand, for us things are looking good to discuss changes and topics relevant to our industry, during our upcoming Management Conference in Bregenz – and I am looking forward.

Stay with us.
Joachim König

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