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News from the EVVC and the industry

23.08.2017 - Unter den weltweit führenden Messeunternehmen sind deutsche Gesellschaften stark vertreten: Gemessen am Umsatz des Jahres 2016 gehören vier Messegesellschaften aus Deutschland zu den TOP 10. Das ergab eine Untersuchung auf der Basis der veröffentlichten Kennzahlen, die der AUMA – Verband der Deutschen Messewirtschaft im August 2017 abgeschlossen hat. Sie schließt reine Messeveranstalter, Messehallenbetreiber und Unternehmen mit beiden Geschäftsfeldern ein.

22.08.2017 - Messen mit regionalem Einzugsgebiet auf der Besucherseite konnten sich im Jahr 2016 – vor allem im Wettbewerb um die Zeit des Verbrauchers – gut behaupten. Sie bleiben ein wesentlicher Baustein in der Kommunikation mit regionalen Zielgruppen. Das ergaben Berechnungen des AUMA –Verband der Deutschen Messewirtschaft.

20.08.2017 - Der Innovationsverbund „Future Meeting Space“ geht mit der Education Foundation der Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) als neuem Förderungspartner in die zweite Forschungsrunde. Das Forschungsprojekt wurde vom GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. gemeinsam mit dem EVVC Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e. V. und dem Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation IAO 2015 initiiert.

20.08.2017 - Der Wirtschaftsrat, Landesverband Baden-Württemberg, unterstützt die Forderung der Landes-CDU und der Branchenverbände nach Flexibilisierung des Arbeitszeitgesetzes für den Bereich Hotellerie und Gastronomie. „Es geht nicht um mehr Arbeit, sondern um eine bessere Verteilung der Arbeit und um eine leichte Verschiebung der Tageshöchst-Arbeitsgrenze. Mehrstunden werden bezahlt oder mit Freizeit ausgeglichen. Auch Mindestruhezeiten bleiben unangetastet“, sagt Stefan Luppold,

IGVW plans SQ-Industry Standard for Event Rigging

The IGVW plans to introduce their own industry standard on the topic of “Procedures in Event Rigging”. This is based on a discussion with experts on applying DUGV Information 212-001 “work with using rope-supported access- and positioning technology” at Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt. It was agreed that this information cannot be fully applied to event rigging, calling for the creation of an individual industry standard. The IGVW is supporting the decision, and will set up a work group to developing the industry standard shortly.


New Study confirms the Economic Strength of Tourism in Germany In 2015, more than EUR 287 Billion was spent on goods and services in Germany by domestic and foreign tourists. These sales numbers provide almost 3 million jobs, along with net value of over EUR 5 Billion. This is the result of a study, “Economy Factor Tourism in Germany”, commissioned by the Federal Association of German Tourism (BTW), and sponsored the Federal Ministry for Economy and Energy.

als Standort für internationale Verbandskongresse

13.05.2017 - Zum dreizehnten Mal in Folge gelangt Deutschland beim jährlichen Ranking der International Congress & Convention Association (ICCA) auf den ersten Platz im Vergleich der europäischen Tagungs- und Kongressdestinationen. Weltweit liegt Deutschland erneut auf Rang zwei hinter den USA. Demnach fanden in Deutschland im Jahr 2016 689 der für das Ranking erfassten internationalen Verbandskongresse statt - ein Plus von rund 3 Prozent gegenüber dem Vorjahr.

Comprehensive Amendments to Constitution Passed At this year’s annual general meeting on April 04, 2017, the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt, and the EVVC agreed on a comprehensive amendments to the constitution. Effective immediately, per § 30, the Executive Board may appoint a ‘Special Representative’ (General Secretary) to allow further professionalization at the office. Moving forward, the ‘Special Representative’ may take on parts of the Managing Director role, representing the Association in various ways. “Facing the upcoming board elections next year, we would like to head in the right direction”, said EVVC President Joachim Koenig. “We can see a continuous increase in numbers and intensity of topics handled by the Association, which makes it difficult for our colleagues to act as honorary president or vice president to the full extent. Optimal support of our members, and maybe additional efforts for internalization, combined with representing the interests of the event industry on the political platform, continue to be important issues that require comprehensive and professional attention”. The position of ‘General Secretary’ is to be filled in 2017, to prepare for a smooth transition for the newly elected Board in 2018. On proposal of the Board, the current Vice President Ilona Jarabek, will run for President in 2018. EVVC Partner to be Part of Executive Board in the Future It was also concluded to integrate EVVC partners with their own position into the Executive Board, allowing an exchange forum in form of an independent partner work group (AG), similar to the already existing AG I- IV. Thus, the EVVC recognizes the growing importance of the currently 66 partner businesses, which contribute significantly to the realization of many EVVC projects, financially, and with content. The first increase in member fees in 14 years, was considered by all members as appropriate and necessary, and approved with only a few votes against.
Dietmar Philipp and Guenter Ihlenfeld Named Honorary Members This year’s annual general meeting was also the setting for naming two former Board Members, who recently retired, Honorary Members. Since 1991, Dietmar Philipp served as General Manager at Graf-Zeppelin-Haus in Friedrichshafen, and in this position he was also a member of the marketing committee, found under Klaus Krumrey. From 2000 – 2006, as a board member, Philipp served as Marketing Associate. Guenter Ihlenfeld was the Managing Director at Congress Centrum Pforzheim until 2016. As a long-time board member, he was in charge of work group II (AG II).

21.02.2017 - The EI Integration (Event Industry Integration), the first international project for the integration of refugees and immigrants into the event industry, was launched in fall of 2016. Funded by the European Union as part of ERASMUS, the goal of the project is a pragmatic integration of refugees and immigrants in the areas of catering, logistic, and technology at qualification level EQF2 (European Qualifications Framework). This level supports straightforward duties under supervision, with a certain degree of working independently.

In their new edition of guidelines for European subsidies, the Baden-Wuerttemberg Department of Economy, Labor, and Housing, particularly supports communities and their requirements for general services, along with government financing of public infrastructures.
Services of general interest, which include sports and cultural institutions, hospitals and kindergartens, are typically governed by communities, cities, and counties. To enhance a competitive European domestic market, and the funding of public businesses, the regulations on EU subsidies have to be considered.

Joint Meeting Industry Council gibt Studie in Auftrag 02.02.2017 - Veranstaltungen wie Messen und Tagungen als Plattformen des Wissensaustausches bringen nicht nur betriebswirtschaftlich Benefits in ihren Standort im Rahmen der Umwegrentabilität. Die Auswirkungen auf Wissenschaft, Innovation und Forschung mit dem damit einhergehenden Folgen sind noch weitaus größer und lassen daher die monetären Auswirkungen lediglich als die Spitze eines Eisbergs erscheinen, dessen viel größere Masse noch im Verborgenen liegt.

This year’s industry event of Convention Partner Vorarlberg was dedicated to the topic ‘Service Design Thinking’. Three experts provided an insight into different methods to see things from a customer’s perspective, allowing the creation of customized offers. Participants had the opportunity to check it out in test scenarios. How to get happy customers? How to fascinate participants of a convention? How to be a better host? These were the questions discussed in detail during the Vorarlberg Convention Forum, which took place at the Loewensaal Hohenems, December 14, 2016.

Events, such as trade shows and conventions, do not only make a perfect platform for the exchange of knowledge, but bring economic benefits for the event location, as part of incidental profitability. The impact on science, innovation and research, and related consequences, is significantly higher, making the monetary value seem like the tip of the iceberg, with the entire spectrum still to be discovered.

In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Work Management and the Organization IAO, the EEVC and the GCB initiated the innovative network “Future Meeting Space”. Launched in early 2015, this project researches trends, innovations, and developments in our culture, as well as their impact on the event industry. A management summary of the first research phase is now available. Research partners developed six scenarios for organizing events in the future, all based on studies, interviews with experts, and focus groups

As part of the 20th Tourism Summit in Berlin, the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry BTW introduced the concept of a new industry campaign, which will be ongoing until the Bundestag elections in 2017. Following the motto “All Set for the Future – the Tourism Industry”, over the next few months, this campaign will highlight the relevance of the tourism industry as an employer and economic power.

05.09.2016 - Interview mit APWPT-Präsident Matthias Fehr

Braucht es ein Bundesgesetz zum Schutz der Drahtlosanwender des Kulturbetriebs?

Fehr: Die Erfahrungen der letzten Jahre zwingt uns zu einer eindeutigen Forderung: Einrichtung einer langfristigen Planungssicherheit für PMSE-Anwender, -Hersteller und deren Dienstleister! Hierfür engagieren wir uns sowohl auf nationaler als auch internationaler Ebene. Genauso, wie wir akzeptieren müssen, dass die Spektrumvergabe an den Mobilfunk in der Regel durch die Politik als Weisung an die zuständigen Behörden zur Umsetzung übertragen wird, erwarten wir sachdienliche politische Entscheidungen, die die zuständigen Behörden zur Umsetzung langfristiger Planungssicherheit befähigen.

At their last meeting in Barcelona, the Joint Meetings Industry Council nominated EVVC President Joachim Koenig as President of the JMIC. As one of the first member associations with this international umbrella organization of the event industry, the EVVC and longtime board member Koenig have been involved with the Council for many years.

Wenig Brauchbares im Sinne von Besucher- und Rechtssicherheit 24.07.2015 - Fünf Jahre nach dem verheerenden Unglück bei der Duisburger Loveparade gibt es immer noch keine bundesweit einheitliche Regelung zur Bewertung sicherheitsrelevanter Fragen bei Open-Air-Veranstaltungen auf der grünen Wiese. Der Europäische Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. (EVVC) kritisiert diesen Zustand scharf und verweist auf die bewährte Versammlungsstättenverordnung (VStättV), die alle sicherheitsrelevanten Fragen und Zuständigkeiten für Veranstaltungslocations ab einer Kapazität von 5.000 Personen regelt.

The EVVC and the German Hotel- and Restaurant Association (DEHOGA) appeal to Federal Minister of Justice Heiko Mass, calling for an amendment of the Copyright Law. Both organizations disapprove of the sometimes indiscriminate approach of collecting agencies, such as GEMA, GVL, or VG Media, resulting in extremely expensive arbitration and legal proceedings for copy right users.

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