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23.05.2017 - Seit Anfang Juni 2014 arbeitet das Team der House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) GmbH zusammen mit Partnern und Mietern im neuen Gebäude im Frankfurter Stadtteil Gateway Gardens an Konzepten für die Logistik und Mobilität von morgen. Das Entwicklungs- und Konferenzzentrum unweit eines der größten Flughäfen weltweit organisiert und steuert die Kooperation von Wirtschaft, Wissenschaft und Politik im Bereich Logistik und Mobilität mit dem Ziel, konkrete Lösungen für die sichere Versorgung mit Gütern und für die reibungslose Beförderung von Personen zu implementieren.

Weitere Internationalisierung des deutschen Veranstaltungsmarktes

08.05.2017 - Aktuelle Kennzahlen zur Entwicklung des Veranstaltungsmarktes in Deutschland präsentierten die Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus e.V. (DZT), der EVVC Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. und das GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. im Rahmen einer Online-Pressekonferenz zum neuen "Meeting- & EventBarometer 2016/2017".

Comprehensive Amendments to Constitution Passed At this year’s annual general meeting on April 04, 2017, the Congress Center Messe Frankfurt, and the EVVC agreed on a comprehensive amendments to the constitution. Effective immediately, per § 30, the Executive Board may appoint a ‘Special Representative’ (General Secretary) to allow further professionalization at the office. Moving forward, the ‘Special Representative’ may take on parts of the Managing Director role, representing the Association in various ways. “Facing the upcoming board elections next year, we would like to head in the right direction”, said EVVC President Joachim Koenig. “We can see a continuous increase in numbers and intensity of topics handled by the Association, which makes it difficult for our colleagues to act as honorary president or vice president to the full extent. Optimal support of our members, and maybe additional efforts for internalization, combined with representing the interests of the event industry on the political platform, continue to be important issues that require comprehensive and professional attention”. The position of ‘General Secretary’ is to be filled in 2017, to prepare for a smooth transition for the newly elected Board in 2018. On proposal of the Board, the current Vice President Ilona Jarabek, will run for President in 2018. EVVC Partner to be Part of Executive Board in the Future It was also concluded to integrate EVVC partners with their own position into the Executive Board, allowing an exchange forum in form of an independent partner work group (AG), similar to the already existing AG I- IV. Thus, the EVVC recognizes the growing importance of the currently 66 partner businesses, which contribute significantly to the realization of many EVVC projects, financially, and with content. The first increase in member fees in 14 years, was considered by all members as appropriate and necessary, and approved with only a few votes against.
Dietmar Philipp and Guenter Ihlenfeld Named Honorary Members This year’s annual general meeting was also the setting for naming two former Board Members, who recently retired, Honorary Members. Since 1991, Dietmar Philipp served as General Manager at Graf-Zeppelin-Haus in Friedrichshafen, and in this position he was also a member of the marketing committee, found under Klaus Krumrey. From 2000 – 2006, as a board member, Philipp served as Marketing Associate. Guenter Ihlenfeld was the Managing Director at Congress Centrum Pforzheim until 2016. As a long-time board member, he was in charge of work group II (AG II).

Wie Nachhaltigkeit bei einem großen europäischen Veranstaltungsverband funktioniert zeigt der EVVC (Europäischer Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V.). Für die kontinuierliche Arbeit wurde der EVVC im März von Green Globe re-zertifiziert. Die Auszeichnung zeigt, dass der Verband mit seinem Engagement einen wichtigen Beitrag im Bereich der Nachhaltigkeit in Europa leistet.

As of February 01, 2017, Linda Residovic is in charge at the EVVC office, succeeding Constanze Weber, who will be taking on new endeavors after our annual meeting in April. Linda Residovic (28) is a certified foreign language correspondent, and graduated in event management at mainzplus CITYMARKETING in 2013. She then worked as an Assistant to the Management, and more recently as Vice Director Sales at mainzplus CITYMARKETING. Many of or EVVC members are familiar with Ms. Residovic through her engagement with the Congress Allianz. Another new edition to the team is Melanie Schatkowski. Since mid-January, the 26 year old event manager is responsible for the EVVC Academy, member and partner services, as well as the Congress Allianz. Melanie Schatkowski succeeds Sandra Zeus, who is to gain new experiences abroad. We have another change in our Sustainability Department: Since early February, Verena Unden supports the team, and is filling in for Martina Lütke Brintrup, who will be on maternity leave starting in March 2017. Verena Unden (23), a certified event manager as well, will be taking care of the projects fairpflichtet, Green Globe, and greenmeetings and events Konferenz.

18.03.2017 - Anlässlich der greenmeetings und events Konferenz in Waiblingen wurden am Abend des 13. Februar 2017 zum dritten Mal die Meeting Experts Green Awards verliehen, um das Engagement in der Veranstaltungsbranche zum Thema Nachhaltigkeit zu würdigen. Ausrichter der Meeting Experts Green Awards sind das GCB German Convention Bureau e.V. und der Europäische Verband der Veranstaltungs-Centren e.V. (EVVC).
Die Preise wurden von einer unabhängigen Jury in fünf Kategorien vergeben.

Nachhaltigkeit ist bedeutendes Qualitätsmerkmal der deutschsprachigen Veranstaltungsbranche 18.02.2017 - Die vierte greenmeetings und events Konferenz (gme) hat vom 13. bis 14. Februar 2017 250 Teilnehmer nach Waiblingen in der Metropolregion Stuttgart gezogen. Thema waren Ideen und Konzepte der Veranstaltungsbranche in punkto Nachhaltigkeit. In knapp 20 praxisorientierten Vorträgen, interaktiven Workshops und Exkursionen waren sich Repräsentanten von Locations, Tagungshotels, Kongressdestinationen, Dienstleistern und Event-Agenturen einig, dass Nachhaltigkeit ein wichtiges Qualitätsmerkmal der Tagungsbranche ist und gleichzeitig als Impulsgeber für andere Branchen fungieren kann.

Events, such as trade shows and conventions, do not only make a perfect platform for the exchange of knowledge, but bring economic benefits for the event location, as part of incidental profitability. The impact on science, innovation and research, and related consequences, is significantly higher, making the monetary value seem like the tip of the iceberg, with the entire spectrum still to be discovered.

In collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Work Management and the Organization IAO, the EEVC and the GCB initiated the innovative network “Future Meeting Space”. Launched in early 2015, this project researches trends, innovations, and developments in our culture, as well as their impact on the event industry. A management summary of the first research phase is now available. Research partners developed six scenarios for organizing events in the future, all based on studies, interviews with experts, and focus groups

As part of the 20th Tourism Summit in Berlin, the Federal Association of the German Tourism Industry BTW introduced the concept of a new industry campaign, which will be ongoing until the Bundestag elections in 2017. Following the motto “All Set for the Future – the Tourism Industry”, over the next few months, this campaign will highlight the relevance of the tourism industry as an employer and economic power.

The leading associations in the event industry presented their joint education initiative 100PRO during Prolight + Sound 2016. The EVVC in collaboration with AUMA, VPLT, and FAMAB, as well as the support of DIHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) developed an education codex. In concise guidelines, this codex clarifies the fundamentals of training event specialists and professionals in event technology.

Companies Commit to Quality Education
By signing the codex, a business that takes on trainees, is committed to comply with the key guidelines to guarantee thorough education in the event industry. Among other things, this includes a balance between trainees and skilled professionals, the obligation to communicate education topics per training curriculum, as well as presenting a corporate training schedule.