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The association

Knowledge reproduces itself when one shares it - many good reasons for interchange

Constant change signifies the industry in which the get-together of people is the main focus.

The main tasks of the EVVC are to inform, provide counsel for and facilitate its members within a professional networking framework, whilst at the same time offering an ideal communications platform. As well as providing pragmatic support in the fields of marketing, legal advice, technical event equipment & the development of up-to-date industry key data, the association also places great emphasis on the area of education within the industry.

Event centres are in the spotlight of public interest. Hence it is obvious that an important matter for the association is to make the industry more transparent for the public. With its office in Berlin, EVVC works to represent the event industry as a whole within the political arenas of Berlin and Brussels. EVVC aims to inform on and influence any emerging proposed laws and always doing so in the best interest of its members.

Due to the heterogeneity and, because of this, the often entirely different spheres of interest of the member-companies,

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About 700 event locations represent the approximately 320 member companies of the EVVC and thus...
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