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GEMA has come under increasing pressure - the industry is fighting back

GEMA-tariff reform - the plan

With the planned tariff increase, which will be introduced from 1st April 2013, the GEMA wants to discard a total of 11 existing rates and replace them with only two new tariffs. Drastic price increases of up to several hundred percent would be the result for all events with live music or record music. Concerts will be excluded.

According to the GEMA approximately 1 million music events, and 500,000 events/opening days in discos, clubs and music venues come under these new rates. Many gastronomers, especially club owners and club entrepreneurs fear for their existence. Furthermore, many events in halls will not be profitable any more next year and so will no longer be realized.

According to recent developments, the GEMA has agreed on new event rates with the German Carnival association, which should now, in formal terms, apply to all music promoters in Germany. In the new tariffs, the time penalties have been modified, but the base rates remain unchanged, so that many events still have to reckon on exorbitant GEMA increases.

The National Association of Music organizers main-tains its position that the submitted tariffs and tariff structures are not geared towards the many and varied uses of music and therefore will still lead to massive and huge increases that threaten existences. The rates remain unbalanced, even if the GEMA has made improvements, and will have to be delayed pending a final decision (if necessary by the Supreme Court).

GEMA has come under increasing pressure - the industry is fighting back
The National Association of Music organizers, the umbrella organization for commercial users of music, to which the DEHOGA and EVVC also belong, has tried in vain in several collective negotiations to prevent the entirely inappropriate tariff reform. The GEMA is not ready even after recent meetings to withdraw the new tariffs, as demanded by the National Association of Music organizers. Obviously, the sole objective is to increase its revenue. Because the new rates are not more fair, even if the GEMA says otherwise.