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GEMA-tariff reform suspended for 2013: National Association of Music organizers and GEMA agree on transitional agreement for 2013

Thousands of operators of clubs, discos and music bars can breathe a sigh of relief: following unprecedented marathon negotiations on the GEMA tariff reform, which lasted for months, the national association of music organizers reached an agreement with the GEMA to dispense with the enforcement of the new tariffs that were published in April. As a result, all events, for example in clubs, discos, music bars, hotels and restaurants, dancing schools, variety businesses, hall operations as well as city halls and street festivals that take place during 2013 can be planned and realized on the basis of the old tariffs. DEHOGA-President and Chairman of the national association of Music organizers Ernst Fischer said: “With this solution, the current existential fears of many operators are over, at least for 2013.”

EVVC President Joachim König, who is currently also vice chairman of the National Association of Music organizers, said: “With this ruling for 2013, we were able to agree on a temporary solution, which is an important first step. As soon as the arbitration proposal becomes available, it should hopefully be possible to find appropriate and suitable solutions to offer a permanent composition for the tariff reform. Appropriate in this context means that we need to take a closer look at the structure of the businesses within the event industry in a reasonable way instead of having a breakdown of tariffs in the manner that is currently intended in the tariff-reform regulations of the GEMA”.