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Every vote counts! E-petition to protect wireless productions

With the expansion of the LTE mobile phone network stages and event venues are already recording the first radio interferences, thousands of cases in Germany may yet follow. Changing the malfunctioning systems to other frequencies is always virtually impossible. Consequently, they are inoperable and worthless. The bitter consequence for theatres and the event industry: new and expensive systems need to be purchased which for some houses can mean financial ruin.

The federal government gained 3.6 billion Euros due to the frequency auction. But there is still no serious effort to adequately compensate the affected parties that have trouble with radio interference. A substitute spectrum that will ensure the high standard in the long-term does not exist.

The aggrieved parties are not at fault, but have to bear the entire financial burden and pay with their existence and significantly worse production conditions.

To rectify this situation, the APWPT calls for a petition, and asks you for your support! The petition will be published in early July. Then it is important that you sign it within three weeks at https://epetitionen.bundestag.de!

The petition wants to once again draw the attention of political leaders to the precarious situation of users of wireless technology and production technology and urge them to act. According to the association’s calculations the federal budget put aside for compensation can not nearly compensate for the economic damage done to those affected. According to estimations of the APWPT, the incurred costs for the 700,000 wireless systems in Germany are well over 1 billion Euros. Currently, the approved compensation amount is approximately 124 million Euros.

Simultaneously to the increase in the amount of compensation, the APWPT demands permanent alternative frequencies in the range of 470 - 790 MHz for wireless production, since they are already at risk due to international “conversion concepts”. This must be reflected in appropriate legal action in Germany and a strong involvement of Germany in international bodies – according to the petition content the Federal Republic should campaign for the preservation of the UHF spectrum for event productions as part of European and international agreements.