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Love Parade - a statement from Volker Loehr

21 left dead and numerous injured, some seriously, in Duisburg.

How is it possible that the risks and hazards that may arise through a major event such as the Love Parade are assessed completely different in two neighbouring cities (Bochum and Duisburg)? Is it solely due to the assertiveness and enforcement capacity of the decision makers and responsible people?

In this regard, i.e. for assertiveness in decision-making, the second Criminal Division at the German Federal Court has developed a guiding guideline (BGH, 2 StR 549/89 Ledersprayurteil) several years ago: “Any manager who, despite his involvement competence, fails to contribute to bringing about the necessary recall decision puts into train a cause for the failure of the measure. This makes it justified to find the per-son criminally liable even if he and his desire to make the recall decision fail due to resistance from other managers (translated from German.)”
There needs to be a call for advocating and a major commitment to ones beliefs, even if one is threat-ened to fail due to resistance of others.

Whether it is enough to contest, after the damage has been done, that all objections in terms of safety were ignored such as the authorities concerned have done will be clarified in the coming weeks and months.

Existing statements by government officials, “all objections that we had were not heard, we have repeatedly warned of the danger of a single access point,” to not make it clear that there was a will to enforce the position. They do point out, however, that there were important legal shortcomings by authorities and the operators.