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100PRO – Education Initiative for the Event Industry Launched

The leading associations in the event industry presented their joint education initiative 100PRO during Prolight + Sound 2016. The EVVC in collaboration with AUMA, VPLT, and FAMAB, as well as the support of DIHK (German Chamber of Industry and Commerce) developed an education codex. In concise guidelines, this codex clarifies the fundamentals of training event specialists and professionals in event technology.

Companies Commit to Quality Education

By signing the codex, a business that takes on trainees, is committed to comply with the key guidelines to guarantee thorough education in the event industry. Among other things, this includes a balance between trainees and skilled professionals, the obligation to communicate education topics per training curriculum, as well as presenting a corporate training schedule.

Training Means Responsibility

With 100PRO – the education initiative of the event industry – the associations call on companies, which provide training, to take responsibility. Businesses that can guarantee a thorough education should be promoted via the 100PRO label, making it easier for students when it comes to decide on their training facilities.

Trade shows, conventions, meetings, concerts, or marketing events – many young people are attracted to the variety in this sector, and they are seeking employment with a company in the event industry. However, the requirements for event specialists and professionals in event technology have changed tremendously over the past few years.

Clients and visitors have a much higher level of expectations, an increase of competition along with changing legal regulations, require businesses that provide training to take their responsibilities serious and adapt to current trends.

www.100pro.org – Platform for Everybody

The initiative offers added value to all participating businesses on their website www.100pro.org. For once, it addresses students searching a company that provides training. All businesses, which signed the codex and promise comprehensive training, are listed. Companies can be searched by zip code, type of business (location, agency, service provider), and the number of employees.

Another target group is trainees in the event industry, who can utilize the list to do a quality check on their training facility. In the future, students will find interesting downloads on training topics, such as a calendar of events in the industry, training schedules, literature, and much more on www.100pro.org.

For corporate educators, 100PRO offers a platform to promote their own business as a high quality training facility. In addition, the initiative is determined to stimulate communication with educators, asking to participate in the improvement of the quality of training in the industry.

Teachers are also encouraged to work with www.100pro.org. By choosing topics, such as quality of training in the classroom and application of the guidelines, they draw attention to the significance of a professional career. Teachers are welcome to contact the initiative for expert lectures from economy representatives or company sight inspections.