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2019/06/26 | 04:40 AM | you are here: Current topics
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Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

Diversity, this is what the event industry stands for – culture and commerce, science and professional development, day and night, indoors and outdoors. Within the tourism sector, however, the event industry is categorized as “business travel”. The Federal Government’s key points for a ‘National Tourism Strategy’, issued on April 30, 2019, indicate that the concept of tourism does not only include classic vacation travel, but also business and educational trips, according to the World Tourism Organization UNWTO”. This paper has been submitted by the Federal Government to strengthen the competitive edge of the tourism industry.

When I think about the event industry, it is not really the image of a businesswomen with her carry-on luggage that comes to mind. It seems that our perception here needs quite a bit of catching up. Maybe this could be a good idea for a new European tourism strategy?

The paper does not comprise any detailed measures yet, as those are to be developed with a variety of industry players – including the EVVC! This will make a great opportunity for us to improve the long-term framework.

Supported by our Berlin Representative Dr. Hubert Koch, Timo Feuerbach and I were given the opportunity to present our position and requests for Federal policy during the Meeting of the Tourism Committee of the German Bundestag, on May 15, 2019. My explanations were well-received among the members, which I found very impressive, along with their many interesting questions asked. This is certainly a good platform to start a dialogue.

I am committed to continue this dialogue, as our venues and events, conventions, concerts, trade shows, or other events, are a fundamental part of the meeting industry, generating a high added value, thus being a catalyst for the entire tourism industry.

My very best,

Ilona Jarabek

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