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2018/06/19 | 02:05 PM | you are here: Current topics
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Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

As this is the last newsletter prior to MEXCON and our annual convention, I would like to take this opportunity and cordially invite all of you to join us and our partner, the GCB, at our event.
Many future oriented topics are on the agenda: The event overall will focus on future oriented and global topics, and for our members and representatives of the EVVC the upcoming elections will be highlighted. Over the past few weeks, you have received the information and should be familiar with the recommendations and proposals issued by the Board. Kindly let me know in case of any questions or additional suggestions you may have, as we want to ensure that everybody’s input will be considered.
I believe we all agree that shaping the future requires collaboration on all levels – now even more than it was the case in the past. We are facing growing challenges at many levels – this became very obvious during the three days at IMEX.
On an international level, we are having more and more discussions on how a unanimous voice of the industry may look like. However, we are all aware that life on the international platform is typically a little more complicated than keeping things domestic. Being self-critical, we have to admit that even though quite a bit has been achieved, when it comes to a unanimous voice and outer perception there is still a lot of room for improvement in the event industry.  
Moving forward, we would need strong individual associations with clear positioning, but also the willingness to share individual priorities within the overall concept, and to respect that those may not always meet maximum expectations of all parties involved. What I refer to here is a comprise benefiting the overall concept. Now more than ever, this rather sophisticated art will continue to play a significant role in successful or less successful work of the Association.
The new EVVC Board will have to take on that challenge, along with many other topics on the agenda. Best possible results can be achieved with the support of EVVC members and partners through participation and engagement in our Association.  
A wise man once said: “An association is a group of people, who either make a lot of noise together, or make a lot of noise with each other”. Let us all make sure that our EVVC, in collaboration with other associations in the industry, will make noise together, raising awareness.
Please keep in touch,
Joachim König

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