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Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

with the highly anticipated elections behind us, the decision makers are now facing the results, and will have to form a new government. These days, people from all sorts of different walks in our country seem to think that a much more straightforward and clear positioning would be the only true answer for success, to win back those voters, who went with different options this time, and to not disappoint those, who support the current results. Great coalitions are not real politics, possible three-party coalition not an option at all – other than that, open to negotiations…

We can only hope that this is the usual and ritual noise that we know all too well from other, similar scenarios. If this is not the case, we would pretty much act like the ‘notorious donkey’, which goes out skating when things go too well. Too many harsh and pretentious comments – even if they have delivered good election results – no political positioning, to be used as a base for implementing viable concepts. Quite the opposite is the case: It’s only a lot of noise, which does not prove anything, really. Above all, voters expect that politics solve problems, and provide answers.

The current economic development and the overall situation in our country are not as bad as some protagonists do portray. This may sound boring, and certainly does not produce any headlines across the media. Compared to our neighboring countries, or the overall situation worldwide, this is true, though.

Ignoring the facts, and rather give in to a media-driven public awareness, where the most extreme views usually come out best, is no responsible perception of the voter’s opinions!

Enforced coalitions are neither the least common denominator, nor a pledge for stagnation. When actual strong positions and personalities argue at eye level and reach an agreement, the results can be very convincing, indeed.

Meeting this challenge in a very constructive manner, that seems to be the masterpiece for our politicians. To quote Goethe: “Even from stones that are being put in your way, you can build beautiful things.”

Having that said, I am simply an optimist and would like to think positively here, assuming that all parties involved will figure things out accordingly. Also, I do not really want to think about the opposite – neither on a personal, nor an industry-wide level.

Stay with us.
Joachim König

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