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2019/08/21 | 05:31 AM | you are here: Current topics
<p>Newsletter Juni 2019</p><p>Newsletter June 2019</p>

Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

there are dialogues that impress me deeply. One Saturday, I volunteered for a good cause, standing in a booth at the Lübeck shopping mall – we were selling ducks to improve the prevention of violence at schools. A young boy with his Mum stopped in front of me, and he said: “My classmates keep picking at me, but I will learn what I can do about it.” Then the boy grabbed his pocket money to adopt a duck. I wished him the best of luck, and that the duck may bring him all the courage he would need.

I really enjoy connecting with people, especially, when I can speak on behalf of our event industry. We should never get tired to professionally position ourselves in the right spot. Earlier this month, during the ‘Parliamentary Evening’ of the Federal Association of the Tourism Industry, I once again got the opportunity to take the stage – with fresh memories of the successful EVVC presentation at the Tourism Committee of the German Bundestag still on my mind.

Once again, Members of the Parliament were very interested to hear about our political requests: The event sector needs full access to federal funding for energy-efficient renovations at our venues, and the general flexibility with work hours is long overdue. Both of our requests were applauded and found approval!

When will you begin a dialogue with me? Our upcoming EVVC Conference, taking place at the Congress Center Rosengarten in Mannheim, in September, will make a great opportunity to do so. I hope that you have already RSVP’s and marked September 15 – 17, 2019 in your calendar. This year’s program is titled “Trust creates Opportunities”. Have trust in the EVVC – and enter an in-depth exchange with your colleagues from across Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

I already look forward to seeing you all in Mannheim!

My very best,

Ilona Jarabek

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