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Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

the main topic across public debates still is the forming of our new government, and whether the ‘great coalition’ will become a reality. Chances certainly have increased, as we seem to get closer to achieving the goal. However, we are not quite there yet. To quote George Bernhard Shaw: “Democracy is a process pledging that our government is as good as we deserve.”

I believe that many citizens in our country would not really agree with that motto, as we currently hear an increasing number of voices claiming that we do deserve a lot better. This overall feeling comes with the question of whether our very stable and positive situation in the country may be credited to the current political scenario or not. Many people feel that it’s not.

A number of political issues that have been settled in the meantime, such as the recent decision on the board of the tourism committee in the German Bundestag by an AfD politician, would only confirm the above. In fact, the impact of this position is somewhat manageable, even though it is a rather restrained role. We will see whether the AfD will keep its promise, and it is crucial which symbolic effect will be communicated.

For the event and convention industry in particular, open-mindedness to world-wide and international topics, along with tolerance, are vital for the fact that Germany is positioned as Number 1 in Europe, and Number 2 worldwide. Anything that would harm this status poses a threat to positive developments. And, if on top of it all resumes of certain politicians support this attitude in an almost cliché kind of way, the risk is even higher.

It is easy to say that just like in the rest of the world, yet other developments have occurred up to heads of governments, and this is all part of a democracy, which should be able to sustain it. Maybe this is also the time for society to raise concerns with politics, and speak their mind more often.

As Einstein once said, “In order to be a perfect member of a herd of sheep you have to be a sheep in the first place.” If this is true, and we all want the best for our country despite of what’s happening in politics, we should definitely do our best to not become sheep.

Stay with us.
Joachim König

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