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2018/09/23 | 03:09 AM | you are here: Current topics
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Dear Colleagues and dear Friends of EVVC,

Do you know that situation, when you are not quite sure how to start a conversation? This should hardly be an issue these days, as we have so many hot topics to discuss – unfortu-nately, though, mostly about crisis situations in the world, may it be climate change, Brexit, Summit, publicity slips, or trade war – starting with the weather, everybody can join the conversation.

Now that we skipped the World Cup summer fairytale, I can only hope that all venues hold-ing public viewing events, did not suffer major losses. However, on a much more positive note, we can be very proud about our Wimbledon winner Angelique Kerber – even though tennis is not really among the key events at our venues.

Our wonderful summer 2018 does not disappoint, certainly not in the northern region. BBQ’s, parties, and spending time with good friends and neighbors at the garden table, get-ting new inspirations and ideas, is all part of those mild summer evenings. Pretty much the same happens via the wide range of events offered in our industry, including concerts, con-ventions, trade shows, seminars, sports and other events. While bringing joy and mutual ex-periences, platforms are generated to promote cooperation and bringing people together.

These days, high-speed lines made out of glass fiber, allow us to interact with each other in fractures of a second. Digital supports analog, however, it cannot replace it. Diversity across the areas of communication, digitalization, marketing, technology, and legislation makes the foundation for developing further creative perspectives and trends. Only a constant ex-change can provide the basis to be prepared for all our industry’s needs, moving into the fu-ture.

Under the umbrella of the recently opened ‘marinaforum’ in Regensburg, the EVVC will offer the opportunity for interaction as part of the 19th Management Conference, September 16 – 18, 2018. Let’s join to shape the digital future and digital transformation, according to our needs. In collaboration with our head office, we have put together an interesting program with different event formats, leaving plenty of room for personal networking with col-leagues, friends, and partners – all analog.

I very much look forward to meeting with all of you in Regensburg, and until then I hope you will enjoy many beautiful summer evenings – with or without BBQ.

My very best,

Ilona Jarabek

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